The safety of our children is of paramount importance to us. Check out our safe travel plan here

The patrolled kea crossing on Dunn's Crossing Rd was installed and ready for the start of 2017 for children who walk, scooter and bike to school from 8.30-8.55 and 3.00-3.10.

The staff carpark on Dunn's Crossing Rd is for staff vehicles only and pedestrian access is forbidden for safety reasons.

There is a carpark for parents/whānau on Burnham School Rd, including a ‘kiss and drop’ area. The speed limit for these spaces is strictly 5kmp.h.

There are two disabled parks in this space which require mobility permits, please ensure these are clearly visible.

There will also be short-term parking available on Dunn's Crossing Rd.

There is also a special drop off area for our Waitaha children by their learning studio, Te Pa Harakeke. Please do not use this unless your child is in Te Pa Harakeke.