We are now accepting in-zone enrolments for Y1-8 students. Please complete our online enrolment and online enrolment documents. The office will then contact you via email to confirm if your application has been accepted and advise you on how to complete the enrolment process. (Please be aware if you submit a form in the school holidays it will take longer for a response). 

Please note we are not taking out of zone children, the only schools in Rolleston that do not have a zone are Rolleston Christian School and Burnham School.

Please contact the office via email if have any queries

email: office@westrolleston.school.nz

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Enrolment Scheme – West Rolleston Primary School

The purpose of the enrolment scheme is to avoid overcrowding in the four schools (West Rolleston, Clearview, Rolleston and Lemonwood Grove) and to ensure that these educational facilities operate in the most efficient way possible.

All students who live within the home zone described below shall be eligible to enrol at West Rolleston Primary School.

The Enrolment scheme takes addresses on both sides of boundary roads mentioned in the description, unless otherwise stated.

Starting from the intersection of Main South Road (SH1) and Dunns Crossing Road, 

South along Dunns Crossing Road to address 172 Dunns Crossing Road 

  • Including Burnham School Road to number 155 
  • Including Brookside Road to Edwards Road From 172 Dunns Crossing Road, North-East (across country) to Brenley Drive 

North-East along Brenley Drive to Jean Archie Drive 

  • Including addresses 60-62 Jean Archie Drive, and even numbered addresses on Harrison Drive 

North along the west side of Jean Archie Drive to Riverstone Drive 

  • Including all addresses on Jean Archie Drive up to #45 North along Riverstone Drive to Mclenaghan Road 

East along Mclenaghan Road to East Maddisons Road 

North along the western side of East Maddisons Road to Riverstone Drive 

West along Riverstone Drive to Bruce McLaren Way

North along Bruce McLaren Way to the end of the road North to the southern end of Carlyle Lane 

North along Carlyle Lane to Delamare Way 

West along Delamare Way to Rossini Way 

  • Including all addresses on Delamare Way 

North along Rossini Way to Sheridan Drive 

East along Sheridan Drive to Lowes Road 

  • Including Villa Mews East along Lowes Road to East Maddisons Road North-West along East Maddisons Road to Russell Lilley Drive North-East along Russell Lilley Drive to Anzac Lane 
  • Including all cul-de-sac roads off Russell Lilley Drive, including Vaughan Drive 

North-East along Anzac Lane to Tiny Hill Drive 

North-West along Tiny Hill Drive to Brookside Road 

North-East along Brookside Road to Rolleston Drive 

  • Including all cul-de-sac roads accessed off this portion of Brookside Road 

North-West along Rolleston Drive to Main South Road (SH1) 

  • Including Duggan Close 

West along the south side only of Main South Road (SH1) to Dunns Crossing Road 

Proof of residence within the home zone will be required. 

Special Programmes 

This priority category is not applicable at this school because the school does not run a Special programme approved by the Secretary. 

Transitional Arrangements 

For families of currently enrolled students whose addresses become "out of zone" due to this amendment to the enrolment scheme home zone: 

The following addresses shall be deemed to be “in-zone", but only for as long as they contain children who, at the time of enrolment, are the siblings of current students. 

*See appendix available on request at the school office 

NB This is a very tightly defined concession. It would not apply to: 

A. Children of parents who move in to any of these addresses after the adoption of the enrolment scheme boundary amendment; and

B. Children of parents currently living at one of the addresses who move out of the address after the adoption of the enrolment scheme boundary amendment. 

Section 11E of the Education Act 1989 states that “a state school's home zone must be defined by geographic boundaries, and must be described in such a way that any given address is either within or outside the home zone.” The list above is defining a location as “in-zone" unless dictated otherwise by the exceptions outlined in A and B above.