Why BYOD at West Rolleston?


As a part of our vision, “we will nurture our learners to grow”, we are naturally passionate about future focussed learning. If our learners are going to be successful in what is a rapidly changing world, then their ability to apply meaningful learned knowledge and skills flexibly and creatively, in different situations, will be key.

The unique opportunity of beginning a new school gave us the chance to unbundle current effective teaching practices and the NZ curriculum and examine what were the best ways that our kids would learn the capabilities they need now and in the future.

The use of digital technologies is a key part of this. Through the use of digital technologies, the potential of what skills and capabilities our learners acquire, is so much greater than without. Over time, our learners will become digitally fluent. A digitally fluent person can decide when to use specific digital technologies to achieve their desired outcome. They can articulate why the tools they are using will provide their desired outcome.They can critique the relevance and accuracy of information they find, they can recognise and use the most effective methods of reaching their intended audience, they are an adept producer of digital content and they understand and can demonstrate how to use digital technologies responsibly including – digital security (self-protection), copyright.

We are committed to creating a balance for our learners. Having real life hands on experiences is still the key to learning, and we will use digital devices when it can enhance the learning or even better,create opportunities which are not possible with out the device.

In 2017 we introduced BYOC (Bring your own Chromebook) in years 5-8, which has been very successful. This is an optional programme and the school will continue to provide chromebooks for those learners who do not have one at a ratio of 1:3. A pod of iPads will also be provided in each studio.

The board of Trustees will contribute $100 towards the purchase of an approved device from our supplier. This is a way to assist our families into a very important part of learner access to devices.


why byod 101

The reasons why are clear.

Our next question was what. What devices would best allow for this learning to take place? We have thoroughly researched this question, asked many experts and visited other BYOD schools and we have concluded that BYOD programmes are most successful when the same devices are used. We have also concluded that Chromebooks will be the best fit for our learners. It is important to note that the school will still continue to provide a group of iPads  and Chromebooks at a ratio of 1:3.

 Why Chromebooks?



We have decided on 2 Chromebook options for our learners

Acer Chromebook C733

Screen Shot 2017 10 16 at 12.44.44 PM

Experience enhanced productivity, connectivity and entertainment with the Acer 11 inch C733 Chromebook. Operating on Chrome OS, this Chromebook provides a stripped-down user interface. The processor clocks in at 1.1 GHz, which allows you to optimise your work speed. This 11 inch Chromebook delivers a sleek and light profile, perfect for use when you're on-the-go.

11.6", Intel Quad Core Celeron Processor, 4GB RAM,16GB Storage, up to 12 hour battery life, 1.26kg, Dark Grey, 3 Year Warranty, Durable Hard Case, White Glove Service, Optional 3 year theft and damage insurance.   

Acer Chromebook spin 511

Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 3.43.57 PM.png

You can open this stylish touchscreen Chromebook all the way, until it becomes a tablet. On the way to 360 degrees of tablet fun, you can also stop to configure it as a stand-up display, or a tent-shaped display that lets you place it on a window sill so you can watch videos on the wide-viewing-angle screen while doing the dishes. 

11.6" TouchIntel, Quad Core Celeron Processor, 4GB RAM, 32GB Storage,up to 10 hour battery life, 1.25kg, Black 3 Year Warranty, Durable Hard Case,White Glove Service,Optional 3 year theft and damage insurance.

Other costs?

From time to time learners may be required to purchase some core apps to use with their learning. Information will come home regarding this when necessary.

9 Reasons to purchase a recommended Chromebook


 Screen Shot 2016 11 22 at 12.19.28 PM

How do I purchase a Chromebook?

Please click here to go to the Cyclone BYOD page. From there you can scroll down the list to find our school.

Login with the following details.

Login: westrollestonprimary

Password: wrpsbyod

You can simply choose which Chromebook you would like and pay online. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to come and ask us.