Our first priority is the well-being of our learners

In 2017, each learner will be in one of five studios: Te Kete Kākano, Ta Ara Tupu, Te Ara Whanake, Te Ara Whanui and Te Ara Maia. Each learner will have their own teacher responsible for their pastoral care and supporting and monitoring their academic progress. This teacher is known as their whanau group teacher.

On-going Support:

Ministry of Education Support

Learners who have been identified by their Teachers as requiring modified support programmes to help them participate and learn within their studio may be eligible for extra support such as Resource Teachers: Learning and Behaviour (RTLB), Resource Teachers: Literacy (RT: Lit) or Speech-language therapy (also known as communication services)

The Ministry of Education (MOE) provide additional services to meet the needs of some learners.

If these learners have high and very high needs they are likely to be supported either by verification through the Ongoing Resourcing Scheme (ORS), or by the Behaviour and/or the Communication Services.


We will have access to a public health nurse. The office staff will provide first aid if needed at the office.  You will have completed an enrolment form with all the necessary details. 

We will have access to the Canterbury District Health Board services which provides free dental care for pre-school children who have been enrolled with the service. The service also operates from mobile clinics around the region for learners in Years 1-8. The mobile van will be set up alongside the gym one to two times per year.


We aim to be a Positive Behaviour for Learningschool (PB4L). We have high expectations for our learners. We strive to involve our parents, whānau, learners and teachers in supporting behavioural issues, improving well-being and promoting achievement. PB4L is a systematic and long term initiative that we will be committed to. Our ‘school rules’ were developed in consultation with our community during 2016. These are known as the kowhai rules.

Sustainable Environments

As sustainable environments is one of our emerging values we will have a ‘nudefood’ (litterless lunch) programme. We are keen to explore aWalking School Bus. We are also fortunate to have a 24kw array of solar panels in our school and we will participate in the SchoolGen programme: www.schoolgen.co.nz