Our Curriculum 

Strategic Focus Areas: Learning and Hauora/Well-Being


The West Rolleston Curriculum is all about bringing our Vision of being a Happy, Healthy Learner to life. We are dedicated to Creating an Authentic, Connected, Real life, Future-focused curriculum; one that develops a love of learning through experiences which challenge, motivate and cultivate our learner’s sense of curiosity.


In our collaborative environments, we will focus on learners developing a strong foundation in Reading, Writing and Maths and teaching the skills our learners need to be successful in the 21st century. In Reading, our learners will learn how to not only read and comprehend a range of text but also think critically about literature. In Writing, being able to communicate in many different ways and forums, with a range of people will be a core skill. In Maths, having a toolbox of knowledge and strategies in order to solve real-world mathematical problems will be key.

A major part of our curriculum will be based around Problem Based Learning. Each term studios will begin with a Scenario/Challenge/Problem which leads to an essential question.

This is a question that leads us to explore the background of a problem and choose from various plans, strategies or possible courses of action to generate a solution.

It should inspire a quest for knowledge and discovery, encourage and develop critical thinking processes, lead learners to engineer real-world solutions for real-world problems, and is all about possibilities.

The Essential question will be guided by the curriculum areas of Science, Social Sciences, Health, and Technology. We will also look at the other curriculum areas that we can integrate along the way.


The areas of Health and well being, Dance, Drama, Visual Art and Music, Digital Technologies, Physical Education and Te Reo and Tikanga Māori will be focussed on both individually and integrated into other areas when there is a natural link.


As well as this each week our senior learners will have the opportunity to take part in Passion Projects, where they will focus on any area of learning which they choose.


On a Friday we have GROW time, which is a time when our learners get to choose from a range of activities that are run by our teachers, parents and community.


And finally, our Values of Sustainable Environments, Learning, Whānau and Community, Inclusion, Culture and Diversity, and Respect and Care, all of which develop our learner’s Key Competencies, weave throughout our curriculum and are the foundation for everything that we do as a school.