PE/Sports at West Rolleston Primary School:

We love to offer a wide range of sports opportunities at West Rolleston and encourage our learners to give everything a go. We are lucky to partner with Selwyn Sports Trust who support us in providing fun and engaging opportunities at all age levels. 

Our sports opportunities include activities that all learners are supported to participate in during class time, some that are optional and some where learners represent our school at local events and tournaments. 

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We fit as many whānau groups as we can into swimming lessons at the Selwyn Aquatic Centre each year.   

The school and parent volunteers offer a huge range of sports including (but not limited to): Swimming, Cross Country, Athletics, Sports Spectaculars, Basketball,  Triathlon and Duathlon opportunities, Netball, Hockey, Soccer, Rugby, Gymnastics, Korfball, Cricket, Tennis, Softball, Year 5-8 Weekly Winter sport options. 

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We appreciate the wonderful parent and teacher coaches volunteering to coach and provide sports opportunities. If you are keen to get involved in coaching or to provide a sports opportunity please be in touch as we are always keen to have more volunteers providing more opportunities. 


Here are just some of the sports opportunities on offer during a typical year:

Term 1: Swimming Sports, Year 3 and 4 Monday Basketball, In School Hockey sessions for all age groups, Year 1 and 2 Sport Spectacular, Year 5-8 Girls Festival, Wheelathon, School Cross Country, Triathlon opportunity, Girls Rugby Opportunities. 

Term 2: Year 3 and 4 sport spectacular, Year 5-8 Monday Basketball,  Rugby Fun Day, Year 7 and 8 Korfball lessons, Weekly Winter Sport, Zone Cross Country, Football and Hockey tournaments, Gymnastics competition, Zone Basketball competition, Korfball opportunities, Netball opportunity with Selwyn Netball, Skiing opportunity

Term 3: Netball and Rugby tournaments, Koru games, Year 5-8 Monday Basketball, Netball Fun Day, Year 5-8 Athletics, Korfball opportunities,

Term 4: Year 1-4 Athletics, Year 3-4 Monday Basketball, School Deca Day, Cricket and Softball opportunities, 

If your child is involved in Year 5-8 Sport please ensure you have sport selected on the school app to ensure you receive updates and alerts. 

If you have any questions about sport please see a member of the sports team – Bec Lambert- (Sport Team Co-ordinator), Jess Cooper and Kendra Ward (Year 5-8 Sport) , Kyle Seckold (Year 0-4 Sport) and Nicole Davidson (Lunch time opportunities) or email 

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