This year our school has embarked on professional development with the Ministry of Education around implementing the learning and behaviour initiative called Positive Behaviour 4 Learning (PB4L). 

This initiative will complement and strengthen the positive behaviour plan that we already have in place at our Kūra.

What is PB4L?

PB4L is a long term, school wide framework that is aimed at enhancing our school climate by explicitly teaching and acknowledging positive behaviours. As well as this, it focuses on ensuring that expectations are consistently clear and that undesirable behaviours are responded to in a fair and equitable way. It is a highly regarded programme that is already used by over 800 schools in New Zealand.


PB4L School-Wide takes schools through a tiered process. We have started at Tier 1.

  • Tier 1 is the foundation on which the other two tiers are built. It looks at the support systems and processes across the whole school – things that impact on all learners and adults.  

  • Tier 2 looks at interventions for learners who require additional behaviour and learning support.

  • Tier 3 looks at more individualised and intensive support for learners who experience chronic, severe and challenging behaviour. 

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Each term the PB4L team takes part in Professional Development which they then bring back to school to share with staff. Look out for updates in the school newsletter.

We look forward to continuing to improve outcomes for our tamariki and helping them to GROW as healthy, happy learners.

For more information about PB4L please visit their website


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