Our Year 5-8 learners can apply for leadership roles. Here is a description of some of them.


This group of learners must not only model our vision and values and demonstrate our kowhai rules at all times, but they must be able to confidently discuss them with adult audiences. They help to facilitate tours of our school for the many educators and Boards of Trustees who request a visit to see our beautiful school and look at the awesome teaching and learning programmes happening inside and outside of our learning studios. They also gather ideas from our learners to find ways to improve our school, and they organise fund-raising ventures. Every second Friday they also support staff with GROW time as every learner across the school meets in their whare [house] = kōwhai, waiporoporo, whero, kikorangi, karaka and kakariki.


This group of learners is responsible for hosting sports games for all year groups and they give out the sports equipment that is stored in Te Ara Maia. P.A.L’s stands for playground activity leaders, there are fourteen learners in this group.  


The transition buddies help out with the new juniors in Te Kete Kakano, Year 0-1. Part of the transition buddy’s role is to complete a booklet throughout the child’s first week of school. For example a picture of the child in  the gym, their favourite place to play, their  studio and also a picture of them in the library.


This Group is the digi tech group. They are responsible for all the tech in the school. At the end of the day they go around the school and collect all the chromebooks and ipads and have different days for doing this. Whenever there's a new app they have to learn about it. They are there to help others.

                                                                                                                           ENVIRO TEAM

The enviro team work on our school's value of sustainability. They have designed scrap containers for food waste which are then fed into our worm farm. They also collect products which can be safely recycled for our planet like oral waste products and suckies.


The librarians have a timetable to say what days they are rostered on. When it's their day they go to the library and issue books out for kids and return them once they finish reading them. They also tidy the library after morning tea and lunch time.